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  • General Questions

(1) How can a private investigator help me resolve my issues?

Answer: Professional investigators gather discreet, accurate, and timely information through legal and ethical collection methods. These methods may include proprietary database research, personal source interview, or the observation of individuals and their actions.
(2)  Do private investigators have access to the same information sources?

Answer: No. An investigator should be selected based because of their work history, life experiences, and education. The process of eliciting valid information is the product of these factors. You should select an investigator as you would select a medical professional by credentials and reputation. Your attorney can be a good referral source.

(3) Do private investigators guarantee their results?

Answer: No. Beware of false promises. The art of investigation is an inexact science. Positive results are the product of experience, skill, perseverance, and an element of luck. 

(4) How much will it cost me to hire a private investigator?

Answer: Investigative fees vary depending on expertise and experience. Fees can fluctuate from $45.00 to $125.00 per hour plus expenses. Your cost will vary of course depending on your situation and level of difficulty. An investigator should listen to your issues at no charge before offering to commit a service. An investigator should not  accept your case if he or she does not believe they can assist you, nor if they have a professional conflict of interest.  

(5) What information should I furnish my investigator?

Answer: In advance of your meeting, obtain identifying information such as full names, dates of birth, and vehicle descriptions if you have the means to do so. Fully explain the case facts only after the investigator does not have a  conflict of interest with your situation. Tell your investigator everything. Do not intentionally conceal case information for any reason.  

(6) How can I protect my investment when hiring a private investigator?

Answer: Establish a reasonable "budget" with your investigator which will not be exceeded without your authorization.

(7) What is involved when hiring a private investigator?

Answer:  Ask for a written contract which will address the specific terms of the investigation,  the hourly fee, the amount of any retainer, and the budgetary limits of the investigation.

(8) Is the client legally responsible for the actions of your investigator?

Answer: Yes. Your investigator is acting as your legal "agent".  Be aware that you, the client, can be held liable for any negligent or illegal actions of your investigator. Questionable investigative methods or procedures could subject you to civil or criminal liabilities. Insure that your investigator carries adequate industry error and omission insurance for your  protection. Your attorney can further address this liability issue. 

  • About Us

We are a general private sector investigative agency. We have industry contacts throughout the world. Our specialities include surveillance, witness interviews, missing person locates, due diligence research, background verification, and asset locate. We have extensive experience in conducting complex civil or criminal investigations.

Stephen A. Lord has been a licenced private investigator since 1989 following his retirement from the United States Secret Service as a special agent. He has served his country as a United States Marine, and is a six year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency. His curriculum vitae is available upon client request. Professional references are also available to clients.